Letícia Fernandez * simply desired to recognise about sucanagem. No connections tomorrow, emotional video games, scenes of jealousy. sex “as it’s correct” and period. No, she’s not a porn big name or a program lady. permitícia is the pseudonym of a 32-yr-antique journalist who in 2011 set out on a intention-orientated funny story of getting sex with 100 men in a year . greater than that, she decided to document the reports on a weblog . The one year stipulated with the aid of Leticia had been exhausted. I wanted to recognise if she reached the leaderboard and discover what the swing product of that adventure.

To apprehend what passed off to her, one have to appearance again. Leticia was on excursion in may closing yr, with masses of time and unfastened time. On a personal web page, he wrote that if he continued at that charge, he might attain one hundred guys in a yr. The remark paid off and he or she took the venture significantly. The illustrious anonymous drew attention due to the fact she become a ordinary girl, no longer a prostitute with a digital diary. He could now not price for the conferences and he could drop the verb at the internet later. shaped in law and journalism, Leticia desired to be sexually loose.

She knew the men within the same places, but she became a good deal greater direct than the average lady. “i am fats and out of beauty standards,” he says. “however i like flirting, i am shooting anywhere.” Leticia went to mattress not to say her secret undertaking. the next day, he put the details of the transaction into the air. From the footprint to the groan, from the gaffes to the absurd ones. bare and uncooked, Leticia did no longer flourish in her posts. “In actual existence, now not each man receives tough and no longer each girl, lubricated,” he says. for example, she ran faraway from the younger man who requested her to defecate at some point of sex and became disenchanted with some other who broached the trois ménage. He confessed until one guy gave up at the oral one claiming that she had long hair and an unpleasant scent. In a few months, the blog has reached hundreds of thousands of visitors a day.

Leticia says she changed into bored with the readers’ costs to reach one centesimal. And the digital attacks had been too heavy. As her identification became observed, she additionally wanted to guard the men she turned into courting. “in the event that they noticed me with a person and then examine a story at the weblog, they may companion both. He became exposing who did not want to show himself. “nevertheless, Leticia continued her play. He used and abused, consensually, who he thrilled. Afraid the circle of relatives would find out their double life, she told herself. “i used to be afraid they could suppose i used to be a whinge,” he says. “however, in fact, that is what I truly am.” nonetheless, Leticia does no longer make room for guilt and moralistic discourse.

The blogger lost her virginity at the age of 15 and had some possessive boyfriends, however she swears that the “joke of the hundred guys” has nothing to do with amorous disappointments. “Monogamy is no appropriate for me.” at the cease of 2011, Leticia met a weblog reader and fell in love. The couple stayed together for two months in an open dating. but the properly-rested lady were given her foot in her ass. He went into melancholy. With the help of the readers, who day by day requested questions and requested for sexual recommendation, she modified her task. months in the past, he created the web page CEM + 1 , with informative content material and opinion approximately intercourse. The journalist does now not anticipate how many guys Leticia, her person, lay down. but he does no longer remorse some thing. “She brought a whole lot of fun to my sex existence,” she says.


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