The simplest intercourse-related headache I knew was the only used to evade the excited husband, flip aside and turn off the lamp (kiss, love!). Who by no means? yesterday, i found that there are greater than 250 kinds of headache and that one in every hundred people suffers from the orgasmic headache . that’s approximately million Brazilians!

In an interview with Sexpedia , the neurologist Abouch Krymchantowiski (spelling his name already makes me need an aspirin) explained the traits of this disorder that “destroys the sex life of patients.” throughout intercourse, seconds before reaching the apex of arousal, the person feels a very strong, explosive and diffuse pain – it does no longer pay attention in a location simplest, like the nape of the neck, but during the cranium. And there, in the first-rate of correct, the trouble is a lot that the act should be stopped. In a few minutes, the pain is going away. in case you insist on orgasm, you can live 48 hours with your head throbbing (from above, be clear).

however why does this happen? in step with the expert, there are some theories, such as a unexpected dilatation inside the caliber of blood vessels inside the mind. As it is a bit popular ache, which happens in about 1.2%, the pharmaceutical industries do no longer put money into research particular to it. “it’s far extra common in folks who already have migraines,” says Krymchantowiski. “it is believed that these people have a disorder in controlling the pain of the mind, a gadget that produces endorphin.”

Orgasmic headache has treatment: a mixture of anti-inflammatories with ache relieving drugs. however you have to find a neurologist who focuses on complications and observe up on assessments including resonance and CT. “a few patients reported having ache for a long term, however they idea it turned into mental,” says professional member of the yankee Headache Society and the global Headache Society.

For him, numbers are underestimated by means of disgrace and taboo – and because medical doctors do not recognize the way to diagnose the trouble. “quite a few human beings go through years in silence and even keep away from sexual existence.” The curious element is that guys are those who whinge the most approximately this form of pain and are trying to find help after repeating a lot “nowadays, no, pricey” .


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